How to Recover Deleted Documents/Data


Losing a document or file in storage is disturbing, as the document/file is essential. The causes are very diverse due to accidents, corrupt files, viruses, and storage damage. For that, I will show you how to restore deleted documents both in internal and external storage.

Of course, to do this process, use an application, namely EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free. This application made by EaseUS can process documents or files back for various reasons, such as deleted, formatted, or can no longer be accessed. And can be done in all data formats.

How to Restore or Recover Deleted Documents and Data

Its flagship feature is to restore documents with specific folders. For example, from the many documents that are lost in storage, you can focus more on particular folders to speed up the scanning process. Here's How to Restore Deleted Documents/Data.

1. Download and Install the EaseUS app

2. Select the storage folder to be restored, for example, in flash storage. Then connect the Flashdisk

3. Open EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Application

4. Click Select a location to start finding data, select the existing Flashdisk driver

5 Select the Scan button; wait a moment. This application will search for lost documents in it. After the scanning process is complete, it displays the Quick scan Result and the Deep Scan Result on the left.

6. If the document is already in the Quick Scan Result, it is unnecessary to search for it in the Deep Scan Result.

7. Select the folder to restore, then select the lower right Recovery button

8. Choose where to save the Recovery document

9. Done, Very Easy, isn't it

Hopefully useful, if you have any questions, please write in the column below.

Download: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free