How to Fix "igfxEM module has stopped working" error on Windows 10

Many things are executed as soon as you turn on your Windows computer and before the system boots. One such program is the Intel Graphics Executable Main Module which is also called the IgfxEM module. It is a part of the Windows operating system that runs in the background. Still, many users are not aware of the igfxEM.exe process associated with it. 

The error message igfxEM Module has stopped working can occur when the module connected to this Intel display management is unstable if there is an additional screen.

What is the IgfxEM.exe process in Windows 10?

Before getting to the point of repair, I'll explain a bit about what igfxEm is. Windows supports many accessories such as printers, displays, keyboards, TVs, and more. In order to function smoothly, a driver is required. Drivers are software that devices use to work with your PC. In most cases, you can plug in the device, and it will work automatically. In other cases, you need to download and install it from the official website.

IgfxEM Module comes with standard and basic installation packages. Its executable file (igfxEM.exe) is a component of Intel's Common User Interface (CUI). The process run by this executable file allows the user to change graphics and monitor related settings such as Extended Desktop settings, Screen rotation, and Hotkeys.

When you choose to install this file on your computer, details of its exact location will be shared with you. This is done in an attempt to allow you to verify the authenticity of the file. The igfxEM file contains a Microsoft digital signature. This confirms that the manufacturer has registered with the certificate authority.

The igfxEM.exe process has no visible window. Because of this, it doesn't appear on the Taskbar. This can give you the impression that the file is malicious and not a regular Windows file. Pretty easy to find. Just right-click on the suspicious file and then click Open File Location.

If the path is C:\Windows\System32\igfxEM.exe then it is the original file. However, if the path is different from the one given above, it is a warning to you, and you should run a full scan for your system as soon as possible.

Fixed Error igfxEM module has stopped working.

The igfxEM module error mainly occurs due to corrupt or incompatible Intel graphics drivers installed on your PC. So correcting this anomaly should either fix the problem or solve the problem. Find a detailed description of the repair method below.

1. Update Intel Graphics Display Driver

Usually, whenever a new update is available, Windows Update will automatically update your computer system, including Device Drivers. In addition, the software updater of your graphics hardware will notify you when an update is available. If not, you can update the graphics driver manually. You can use Intel Driver & Support Assistant to do this.

2. Prevent the igfxext application from running at startup

  • Press Win + R key, then type msconfig and press Enter to open System Configuration.

  • In the System Configuration window, switch to the Services tab.

  • Find igfxext under the Services item list and check it and uncheck the other entries.

  • Then click Disable and OK to save changes.

  • Close the System Configuration window and restart your PC.

3. Uninstall and Reinstall Intel GPU Driver

  • Press Win + X keys and select Device Manager to open it.

  • In the Device Manager window, expand Display adapters.

  • Then right-click on your display adapter and click Uninstall devices.

  • Next, visit the Intel website for computers, then go to Products Home Drivers & Software. Next, enter the product, model number, or name, select your OS or version and view the drivers. To make things easier for you, use Intel Driver & Support Assistant.

  • Check if a new version or a new update of the Intel GPU driver is available.

  • Download to computer and install.

  • When finished, restart your PC.

I hope your problem is solved. You can also read another article about How to Fix Error "OneDrive couldn't be installed (Error Code 0x80040c97)." if you are also having problems like this. Don't forget to leave your comments below to share your experiences in following this tutorial. Thank you.