How to move a WhatsApp (WA) account to the new phone without losing chats and contacts

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat applications. WhatsApp provides many conveniences for sending messages, making calls to sending files.

In addition, WhatsApp is also designed to make it easier for users to transfer chats. So, you can move all chat data to another device quickly.

These advantages make WhatsApp difficult to replace by other chat applications. In fact, after buying a new phone, WhatsApp is one of the applications that you must install.

If you have a new phone and want to move WhatsApp to the new phone, you want the data on the old phone, such as chat and contacts, not to be lost.

For that, you can follow the guide that Zerrows has summarized below to move WhatsApp to a new phone without losing chat and contact history.

How to move WA to a new cellphone without losing chats and contacts

Please note that this WhatsApp data transfer can only be done on the same operating system. That is Android only with Android and iOS with iOS.

Here are the steps on how to move WA to a new phone without deleting chat history and contacts:

1. Backup WhatsApp Chat on Old Phone

The first step to moving WhatsApp to a new phone is to back up chats to Google Drive for Android. Here's a steps of chat backups on Android phones:

  • Open WhatsApp on your old phone.
  • Then click the three-dot menu in the upper corner > Settings > Chats > Chat backup.
  • In the Google Drive section, please change the Backup option to Google: Only when tapping “Backup”, Google Account: Select a Google account, Backup via Wi-Fi or cellular.
  • Enable the Include video option if you also want to backup WhatsApp videos. However, the backup file size will be larger, and the process will take a long time.
  • If done, please click the Backup button.
  • After that, wait for the chat data backup process to complete.

Meanwhile, for iOS users, the steps are not much different from Android. First, make sure your iPhone is connected to iCloud. After that open WhatsApp > three-dot menu > Settings > Chats > Chats backup > then click Backup Now.

2. Backup Contacts on Old Phone

Generally, smartphone contacts can be stored on a SIM card and a Google or Gmail account. The user can select that option when saving new contact.

To save all contacts to the SIM card, please open the Contacts app -> click the three-dot menu on the top corner > Settings > Export > to SIM.

Meanwhile to save to Google account, please go to Settings -> Accounts & sync -> Google -> select Google Account -> More -> Sync now.

So, all contacts will be automatically saved if you have inserted a SIM card or Google account on a new cellphone.

3. Login Google Account on New Phone

The next step is to log in to your Google account to your new phone using the account previously used for backups on your old phone.

Please log in via the Settings app, Gmail, or Play Store. If so, you can move on to the next step.

4. Install the WhatsApp application on a new phone

After backing up WhatsApp chats and logging in to your Google account, you need to download and install the WhatsApp application on your new phone via the Play Store.

5. Moving WhatsApp to a New Phone

Next, please log in to WhatsApp and restore the chat backed up via Google Drive. Here are the steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp application, then click Agree and continue.
  • Next, log in by entering the WA number on the old cellphone, then click Continue.
  • Then verify the WA number by entering the OTP code sent via SMS.
  • Then give permission to access the file by clicking Continue > Allow.
  • Next, you will see the option Restore Google Drive backup. Please click the Restore button. Then wait for the entire chat recovery process to complete.
  • If done, set your WhatsApp profile name and photo.
  • Done, now you have successfully moved WA to a new cellphone without losing chat.

So, that's how to move WA to a new cellphone without losing chat and contacts. Make sure you follow the guide above carefully for it to work. Alright, that's the article about this WhatsApp tutorial. Good luck, and hopefully, it can be helpful.