Best Moving Photo Editing Apps, As If Singing!

The following is a review of the list of the best moving photo editing applications that can make a face on the photo appear singing. Yep, today's technological sophistication can't be ignored.

Various things we can do, including moving a person's face in a photo. Currently, it is pretty viral. People make videos from the edits of photo driving applications as posting material on social media.

This is generally used as a joke. But not a few people also feel that this is quite helpful in treating their longing for someone who has passed away by moving a photo of that person.

Well, for those of you who also want to try moving photos, this time, Zerrows.com has prepared several lists of the best photo moving applications. Therefore, please refer to the review below.

List of Apps for Making Best Moving Photos

1. MyHeritage

The first best mobile photo editing app on this list is called MyHeritage. This application is quite the choice of many people for those who want to take moving photos.

Not only that, but this application also provides other interesting features, where you can make old photos look alive again. In fact, you can also see the face of your great-grandfather when he was young simply by scanning the photo into the application.

2. Wombo

Want to see photos as if singing? Well, try this application called Wombo. Yep, this application allows you to make photos move as if singing a song.

The method is straightforward. You only need to select a photo in the gallery, then choose the song you want. That way, the app will automatically make the photo sing.

Make sure the photos you use are clearly visible with your face facing forward to get good results.

3. Reface

Furthermore, the photo driving application that is no less interesting is Reface. Yep, for this application, the characteristic is that you can insert a photo of a face into an image, for example, a superhero image where the face will change according to your wishes.

Moreover, the results of swapping faces can be moved in various ways, including making the image appear to be singing a song. This application is popular among fans of moving photo editing. It is proven, with total downloads that have reached more than 100 million downloads on the Play Store and a high rating that proves this application is liked by many people.


Furthermore, this application called VIMAGE also allows you to make photos move. As the name implies, which stands for Video Image, where the results of the images you move will be in the form of videos.

Not only moving photos, but there are also interesting features that allow you to edit the color, contrast, hue, brightness, and others so that the photos you move will look more attractive.

Well, that was a list of some of the best moving photo editing apps that can make photos seem like they're singing. Hopefully helpful and good luck. Don't forget to leave a comment to share your experience with other visitors. Thank you.